Mission Statement

KFW Automation, Inc. is dedicated to total customer satisfaction founded on solid engineering practices and a total team effort to achieve our goals.

Who We Are

Incorporated in 1995, KFW has been behind the scenes designing and building equipment for a variety of large companies. Many of these designs have been patented by our customers, and KFW maintains strict confidentiality to protect their designs. KFW Automation is a team of engineers, designers, machinists, and technicians with extensive experience in machine and product development from concept to production.

Today we are ready to help you overcome your next challenge in engineering and manufacturing support.

What We Can Do

We can take your most basic idea or concept and turn it into reality. All design work is performed using the latest 3D solid modeling software. This allows us to check the design and catch problems before we even make a single part.

The customer is kept “in the loop” throughout each phase of the design and construction process to ensure that the project is meeting expectations and goals. We can also produce virtual animations of the project, allowing the customer to better visualize and fully understand what the final project will look like, as well as stimulate new input to further improve the design from the client’s perspective.