Envelope On Edge Stacker

Our customer is one of the nation’s largest mail order pharmacy operations. They were in the process of opening their new state of the art mail order pharmacy. KFW was selected to design their new mail transport system. The system was to transport patient drug instruction (included with each prescription) from the printing/inserting machines to the drug packaging machines. This system required transporting the envelopes in a singular orderly high speed stream from four random sources and assures there was no overlapping. KFW successfully designed, delivered and installed the new system passing rigorous regulated pharmaceutical testing.

DVD Custom Insertion Machine

A leader in DVD by mail provider approached KFW to automate the process of DVD insertion into their trademark mailers. They had attempted to automate this process with three other firms – each ending in failure. The major mail insertion companies would not do it without major changes to their trademark mailer. This company was unwilling to do so. Within six months, KFW moved from conceptual design to five working prototypes delivered to the main facility. KFW then orchestrated all aspects of the manufacturing process: from vendor validation to testing; QA; certification; staging; delivery and acceptance. KFW ramped production and delivered machines to the company’s facilities nationwide.

Personalized Pen and Calendar Manufacturer Sealer

A manufacturing leader in personalized business gifts mails over 13 million sample pens and other gifts each year as a primary marketing tactic. Currently available commercial mail equipment was unable to seal envelopes that contained the pens and gifts, therefore required that all envelopes to be sealed manually. KFW designed and delivered two envelope sealing machines able to seal the envelopes with the items in them. In the following years, KFW designed and manufactured over 40 machines that automatically insert the sample products into the envelopes.

High Speed Magazine Signature Selective Feeder

A manufacturer of magazine production equipment was developing a new product line to produce magazines significantly faster than current equipment. The customer had a concept and needed help on the peripheral equipment while his engineering staff worked on the main machine. Both the peripheral and main machine was based on the same new concept. KFW was able to perfect the concept quickly and had the peripheral equipment working before the main machine was completed by the customer’s internal engineering group. This magazine signature selective feeder fed magazine signatures up to 11 a second.